Get Access To
Highly Realistic and Professionals Virtual Studios
Without Costing You a Small Fortune

We want your viewers to be amazed so we’ve decided to give you access to 160 virtual sets that was part of our previous product Green Screen Lab.

Every single one of them was in house produced and has motion elements to make it look highly realistic and professional.

GSL Backgrounds Deal

Whether you want to be in an office, a professional studio or have a beach front house now you can... Here is a preview with all videos included:




GSL Backgrounds Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The License? +

YES unlimited use on your on projects
NO use on your clients projects

The upgrade package comes with 200 additional video assets and developer license for both packages.

What format are the backgrounds? +

All the virtual sets come in .mp4 format, in 1920 X 1080 resolution.

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